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How’s Heather? Week 15

She’s roaring her way into the second trimester. The fertility specialist cleared her for mild to more-than-mild exercise, so today was our first day back at dance. Tuesday hip-hop! Heather modified the steps to suit her own comfort level, but it wasn’t a very bouncy routine so she kept up pretty well. And since this […]

Second Trimester

It’s the official start of the second trimester! 14 weeks. According to the last ultrasound, Tuesday is the “official” week rollover. Just in time for late summer, itty bitty’s the size of a peach. Heather’s morning/evening/afternoon/whenever sickness is starting to subside. If you squint really really hard, you can almost see she’s starting to begin […]

Now Hear This, Y’All

Before I dive into all the posts I have planned, here’s a treat for you all: That’s the baby’s heartbeat, as picked up by the a home Doppler. It’s a Sonoline B 3mhz, or as I like to call it, HOLY CRAP I OWN A TRICORDER!. The heartbeat is 172 bpm, which is normal for […]

Building Up A Scare: Next Year

Just a note if you were one of the zero people looking for the next installment of Building up a Scare: ironically, given that one of the points was “balance your time with the unexpected”, the unexpected came up. I spent a few weeks with a nasty flu, and with the little time left for […]