Now Hear This, Y’All

Before I dive into all the posts I have planned, here’s a treat for you all:

That’s the baby’s heartbeat, as picked up by the a home Doppler. It’s a Sonoline B 3mhz, or as I like to call it, HOLY CRAP I OWN A TRICORDER!.

The heartbeat is 172 bpm, which is normal for a 10 week old. Right now, the little olive only has a two chamber heart, so it has to beat twice as hard. The other two chambers are being formed right now, and should come online in the next couple weeks.

My two takeaways from this:
1) Baby is alive and well
2) No, seriously– a Tricorder. And this goes hand-in-hand with getting photos from inside the womb. We live in the future, people, and it’s neat!

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