The first two days of driving have been a bit rough. Molly is mostly good, but are some point has just had ENOUGH of the car seat. Combine that with frequent stops for coffee, scenery, and washroom (because of frequent stops for coffee) and the day’s journey takes slightly longer than expected by Google. We’ve gotten into Sault Saint Marie and Thunder Bay past midnight each time.

Aside from a few Molly Meltdown (which aren’t as bad as it sounds), the trip so far has been fun. These first two days are just getting out of Ontario. We officially got around the Great Lakes when we passed Nipigon, around 10:30pm on July 4th. Now that we’re in Thunder Bay, it’s a most of the day tomorrow to get to Manitoba, and a couple hours post that to Winnipeg.

The scenery has been, as one would expect of Northern Ontario, beautiful. Living in and around Toronto, it’s sometimes easy to forget what 99 percent of the province looks like. Vast first, wide rivers, highways blasted into rocks as big as cities and as old as time.

Molly is seeing so many sights on her first road trip. In Wawa ON, she met a Big Honking goose, a stuffed moose, Winnie the Pooh, and a huge coin.

There are plenty of photos to come, hopefully tomorrow, on a night when we get to the hotel before midnight, and I can unload the memory card on the camera. I’m posting this from my phone rather than laptop, so all I have are the few shots I took with the phone

More tomorrow.

Oh I can’t forget about the license plate game! Not surprisingly, there’s less variety of plates in deep Northern Ontario, but we still scored a few:

July 3

July 4
British Columbia


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