Out of Ontario

At last, we are truly “on the road”. Early this evening, we passed the Ontario/Manitoba border. Circumnavigating the Great Lakes is behind us– and so is Ontario.

I’ve never stepped foot in Manitoba before, so this is a first for me. But it won’t really be much of anything. Tomorrow we’re just motoring through the entire province, and making our way to Regina.

Not that the province hasn’t been an experience. During the entire trip through Ontario– nearly 2000km, most of which was through forested area– I didn’t see a single deer. I saw one moose, way off the highway, in the trees. But no deers. Despite the near constant warnings of “OMFG DEERS LOOK OUT DANGER” signs.

Then we cross into Manitoba, and within the first 20km– five sightings. Grazing, running, and just standing around the side of the highway. It wasn’t like we drove really far into Manitoba and THEN saw the deer. Nope, they were right there, right after the border, in what is effectively the same forest.

Deer are weird.

Before leaving Ontario, we stopped for dinner in the most Northern Ontario restaurant we could find– one that specialized in bannock burgers. Kokom’s Bannock Shack. They were apparently featured on Food TV’s “You Gotta Eat Here” at some point, so if you have Food TV On Demand Flix or whatever, look it up. The bannock was great. The burgers were– burgers. Nothing to write home about. (Even though I am literally writing home about it). Molly decided she wanted to be a big girl and use a fork to eat.

Tune in tomorrow for a special video of Molly and Heather TRAVELING BACK IN TIME!

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