Manitoba is… Manitoba. We drove across it. Yup.

And then this happened:

And by “happened”, I mean we were driving the Trans Canada through Manitoba and came to the ONE hill in the entire province. We rounded the bend, and suddenly, without any warning, BAM there’s Saskatchewan and their “visitor center”. There were no signs leading up to it. Nothing saying “approaching the border”. Just this sign, in an unlit parking lot to a closed visitor center. And by the time you actually see it, the driveway into the center is, like, 100 meters away. And the speed limit is 100kmph.

I totally made the turn off and didn’t have to go in reverse on a highway. Totally.

Except that’s exactly what I did. Good thing there was no other traffic anywhere. And there wasn’t any other traffic. Because it’s Saskatchewan.

At least the first rest stop provided some nice sights– a setting sun over the prairies, and an olde thyme hot rod.

Molly dutifully ignored the sunset, and went right for the car. VROOM VROOM!

So that was the rest of Manitoba, and the first exposure to Saskatchewan. We’re in Regina now. Molly is absolutely zonked out. Poor little her has no concept of “time zones”, so it’s way way way way waaaaay past her bed time.

Tomorrow we explore Regina and head deeper into the province.

License plate game got two new entries:

Washington (state)
Nova Scotia (and I thought WE were traveling far!)

– LL&HH&m

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  1. Joanna
    Joanna July 7, 2017 at 9:50 am | | Reply

    So great to hear all is well!!!!!!! Thanks for the updates!! Safe travels

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