Seven / Seventeen on Seven Seventeen

Today happens to be a cute little bit of synchronicity. Heather and I were married on July 17th– hence the URL of this blog. That was in 2010, making today seven years we’ve been married. But we first started dating a decade before that, in 2000. So we’ve been together seventeen years, on our seventh anniversary, on the seventeenth day of the seventh month– in the year 2017.

We celebrated in our favorite way: a low key day together, going somewhere interesting and eating good food.

The first full “going out into Vancouver” day took us to Granville Island, and the public market there. It’s like a St. Lawrence market, mixed with a dash of Kensington Market– but on an ocean dock. And some slightly more impressive visual presentations of wares– like the berry displays, and the chocolate carving of a beaver.

About that ocean– so far, it seems to be the main differentiation between Toronto and Vancouver. Granted, I’m working off of limited experience, but my first impression is coastal Toronto. Not that it’s a bad thing, not at all. Both cities are vast, vibrant, diverse and interesting. I was warned that driving downtown Vancouver is “the worst, much worse that Toronto”. But getting to Granville– aside from the bridge across the water– isn’t any different from driving in Toronto. Same size and feel to the lanes, completely with bikes passing, and randomly parked cars. Same urban-like stores and/or old brick buildings. The drivers have the same style, speed and temperament. Still crazy, stressful, poorly signed and full of construction– just like Toronto.

But again, about that ocean– just wow. It is what gives the city that distinction. A lifeforce of it’s own. The salty air. The docks and beaches everywhere. Towering mountains lurking behind skyscrapers. Beautiful.

Today’s menu was seafood. Fish and chips for lunch. Pan-fried salmon for dinner. And smoked salmon from the market for breakfast tomorrow. Enjoyed by everyone.

Can’t forget the “cinnamon records”– large, flat, crispy cinnamon buns.

A sidenote: if I could be independently wealthy and make my fulltime job watching Molly eat, I would. She just goes right for the food with such gusto and joy. I fully admit to being Dad Biased.

The day of strolling, shopping and ocean-gazing moved from Granville island to Sunset Beach. It’s a beach that has nice sunsets. Creative naming. Molly got to dip her feet in the ocean for the first time (a prelude to our upcoming “beach day”). She was captivated by everything today. Water with waves– ducks and geese everywhere– so many new friends to flirt with.

We capped the day off at Bella Gelateria– a wonderful gelato place. It came highly recommended by people we know, and rightfully so. Smooth, cream and sweet, in waffle cones filled with chocolate. We “might” go back again (we will absolutely go back again).

Another wonderful day with my best friend and love of my life. (And Molly too, but she’s zonked out in bed right now from the fun day). Seven years or seventeen years, however you count the milestones, each day has been the best, because we’ve been together. From then, to now, to many more, I love you Heather! Happy anniversary.


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  1. Sandi Wine
    Sandi Wine July 18, 2017 at 4:55 pm | | Reply

    Happy Anniversary. Definitely enjoying the pictures and commentary.

    Have a great vacation.

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