Happy First Birthday, Molly!

Happy First Birthday, Molly!

Happy Birthday, Molly! Enjoy your breakfast “cake”– it is totally an apple cheesecake– not a yogurt base with apple sauce and Cheerio sprinkles. =) Lots of love and a joyous day!

First Day of Dad

Today’s the first full day I’m at home, just Molly and me. I’ve been looking forward to this day for, literally, years. It’s going to be a comfy-clothes and take-it-easy day. Just a chance for us to settle into a new routine. Just relaxing and eating Cheerios. And having naps. Very, very important, those naps.

Building Up A Scare: Next Year

Just a note if you were one of the zero people looking for the next installment of Building up a Scare: ironically, given that one of the points was “balance your time with the unexpected”, the unexpected came up. I spent a few weeks with a nasty flu, and with the little time left for […]

Building Up A Scare: The Four Major Decisions (Part I: Time & Space)

A slight delay since the last post. It seems that like a Martian, I can be taken down by the tiniest and of creatures on this Earth. The common cold. That, and I forgot to put a future publication date on these posts. So goes the growing pains of learning to blog. Back to the […]

Building Up A Scare: In The Beginning

It’s September, and Halloween is just around the corner. If your reaction to that statement wasn’t “That’s still, like, two months away”, then congratulations. You’re a Haunter.  And if you aren’t– read on. Maybe by Oct 31st, you will be. There’s plenty of information out there about haunting, but it mainly focus on what a […]

Pineapples Are Not Good For Children

Pineapples Are Not Good For Children

Someone mentioned “Ananas” on a forum. I had an instant flashback to grade school. Anyone else remember that little nightmare-inducing hellspawn demon? I mean– holy crap, look at that thing! He resides in the burnt-out husk of a car. Did he torch it himself? Was the driver in the driver’s seat, or stuffed in the […]

First Post

This blog was first created to support a project I was working on. I was going to post plain old blog stuff along side project material. That project’s been slightly delayed. But why should the rest of the blog be delayed, too? Here it is!