Building Up A Scare: Next Year

Just a note if you were one of the zero people looking for the next installment of Building up a Scare: ironically, given that one of the points was “balance your time with the unexpected”, the unexpected came up. I spent a few weeks with a nasty flu, and with the little time left for […]

Building Up A Scare: The Four Major Decisions (Part I: Time & Space)

A slight delay since the last post. It seems that like a Martian, I can be taken down by the tiniest and of creatures on this Earth. The common cold. That, and I forgot to put a future publication date on these posts. So goes the growing pains of learning to blog. Back to the […]

Building Up A Scare: In The Beginning

It’s September, and Halloween is just around the corner. If your reaction to that statement wasn’t “That’s still, like, two months away”, then congratulations. You’re a Haunter.  And if you aren’t– read on. Maybe by Oct 31st, you will be. There’s plenty of information out there about haunting, but it mainly focus on what a […]

The Three Song Litmus Test of Indie88

Indie88 Indie88 (88.1 FM) is the new alt-rock station on the Toronto dial. If telling you Alan Cross is attached to the project isn’t enough to get you to tune in right away, then just take my word for it. Now that they’re out of their honeymoon phase, they’ve started their programming proper.  Since their […]

Spam Trap

One benefit of slowly getting the blog off the ground: collecting lots of heuristic data for the spam traps.  Aside from the obvious link-infested comments, I also get a few a week that are either: In response to the “First Post (test)” post. Thanking God and all that is good that I have put up […]

3 Tips for Camping Coffee

The only downside of the first cup of coffee each morning is making it. Sure, it’s a fairly simple process– if you’ve had a cup of coffee. Thanks to that catch-22, it can be a hazy, horrible ordeal.  The wonders of modern technology have paved many paths to easy morning coffee; kettles, Instant Coffee, brewing […]

Recipe to Riches V: The End of the Road

Spoiler alert: I spoil how my audition right in the title of the post. Which you’ve already read. Tah-dah! Heather and I got to the audition just before 1pm.  As I mentioned before, last year was wait, wait, wait, wait (and more waiting).  This year the R2R people were super efficient. I got my number […]